Coming soon: a progressive deal

We will soon be launching a flagship campaign to defend the six progressive elements of EU membership. We identify these as:

  1. Rights at work
  2. Environmental protections
  3. Freedom to move
  4. Human rights
  5. Education and innovation
  6. Science and research funding

With Brexit negotiations underway, the future of Britain is being decided. The government is pursuing one particular kind of Brexit, for which it has no democratic mandate. Corporations will seek to influence the outcomes. But popular will and progressive politics are increasingly shut out.

In the shadow of an increasingly volatile world, we stand for co-operation between people and across borders, and we are for democracy. The British people must have the defining say over what happens in these negotiations.  We have the right to know what is being negotiated on our behalf, and we have the right to determine and influence the outcomes – both through our elected representatives in parliament and through public pressure.

This is our deal – bringing together people across civil society and different political parties in order to put forward a progressive vision for the outcome from the negotiations.