European Summer University

17-21 August, Germany. Join Another Europe at the biggest international gathering of activists this year!

French presidential election analysis

Get the lowdown on Macron's win, Melenchon's near miss and the rise of the extreme right.

[4 Dec 2021] Another Europe National Conference 2021

[17 Nov 2021] EVENT: Brexit & Islamophobia – how are they connected?

Wednesday 17 November at 7pm with Shaista Aziz, Basit Mahmood & Yasser Louati.

Afghan refugees welcome – nationwide day of action

On September 4th, join the national day of action in solidarity with Afghan refugees - and all migrants.

[10 Oct 2020] Fight for the Future – Yorkshire and the North East

[8 Oct 2020] Fight for the Future – North West

[7 Oct 2020] Fight for the Future – London

[6 Oct 2020] Fight for the Future – Midlands

[14 Sep 2020] No going back to normal – Zoom meeting with Joseph Stiglitz and Mary Kaldor

[20 June 2020] Resisting the nationalist apocalypse: what next for the movement against climate change?

Join Another Europe is Possible to receive a Zoom meeting invite link by email

[9 May 2020, 5pm] Citizens Take over Europe incl Zoom event with Adam Tooze