Why Kate?

Our country is in the grip of a crisis. We need a leader who will stand up for our values.

The government could well have fallen on 16 July. With a crucial set of amendments set to be put through by Jeremy Corbyn and an alliance of backbench Remainer Conservatives, Theresa May was on the brink. Kate Hoey, along with four other Labour MPs, saved the day, voting with the government.

Kate represents one of the most pro-Remain constituencies in the UK. Her constituency Labour Party has repeatedly told her to uphold the wishes of her constituents and local members. This has never stopped her from voting with the government on the most important issue of the day.

This brave leadership and loyalty to the Conservative Party whip is what our country needs in this time of uncertainty.

Kate's record

Kate has a long track record of supporting Conservative values. She has been a powerful advocate for fox hunting for decades. She has stood behind the Ulster Unionist cause. Her support for grammar schools, disdain for cyclists (for "holding up the traffic"), public alliance with Nigel Farage, and reliable opposition to immigration - despite representing one of the most diverse communities in the country - mark her out not just as a hero of the cause, but as a leader in waiting.

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