Model motion – affiliate to Another Europe is Possible

This is a draft motion which can be reproduced and used in union branches, meetings and conferences. Feel free to edit it for your own context, and if you have any questions, drop us a line at

Defend workers and migrants after Brexit

This union branch notes

1. The kind of Brexit deal being put forward by the UK government would push Britain out of the single market, end free movement and endanger rights and protection.

2. A number of workplace protections are enshrined in EU law, including the 48 hour limit on weekly working hours; four weeks of holiday per year; strengthened equal pay legislation; guaranteed breaks; maternity and paternity pay rights; and protections for agency and temporary workers.

3. Tories in government can be relied upon to use every opportunity to attack and undermine the rights of workers, and to push deregulation and corporate interests.

4. Theresa May has openly stated her intention to abolish the Human Rights Act and withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights.

This union branch believes

1. The result of the referendum was not a mandate to destroy the environment, attack migrants or undermine workers’ rights.

2. The British people must have the defining say over what happens in the Brexit negotiations. We have a right to know what is being negotiated on our behalf, and to fight for an alternative to the extreme, regressive form of Brexit that the Tories are pursuing.

3. Immigrants are not to blame for inadequate housing, falling wages and crumbling public services – bosses and governments are. Freedom of movement is an important right, without which workers are more easily exploited and only the rich can live and travel where they want.

4. In the context of Brexit, we should campaign to defend and extend the progressive elements of EU membership. These include:

  • Rights at work
  • Environmental protections
  • Freedom to move
  • Human rights
  • Education and innovation
  • Science and research funding

5. Another Europe is Possible is a broad, cross-party campaign dedicated to fighting for a ‘progressive deal’ which includes these elements.

This union branch resolves

1. To campaign, inside the labour movement and in wider society, against the extreme, regressive form of Brexit that the Tories are pursuing and to retain the progressive elements of EU membership.

2. Not to give an inch to the idea that immigrants are to blame for society’s problems. We will campaign for the unity of workers regardless of nationality, and to defend and extend free movement.

3. To affiliate to Another Europe is Possible, joining its steering group and trade unionist network, and paying the affiliation fee of [Branch = £50, Region = £100,  National (fewer than 100,000 members) = £200, National (100,000 to 500,000 members) = £400, National (Greater than 500,000 members) = £600]