Write to your MP: Revoke Article 50 to stop No Deal Brexit.

The European Union has said that it will not accept any extension to Article 50 unless parliament votes for Theresa May’s deal.

Parliament has repeatedly made clear that it will not accept Theresa May’s Brexit deal, but Theresa May is refusing to compromise and is instead running a campaign to vilify MPs.

Next week, there will be votes on amendments to May’s deal, including one (the ‘Kyle-Wilson’ amendment) putting it to a public vote. If this passes, MPs could then let the deal pass in order to hold a public vote. But it is entirely possible that there will not be a majority for the amendment.

This means that it is now entirely possible that we could be just days away from March 29th with no options left, and neither Theresa May or the EU budging.

If we end up in this situation, MPs must have the courage to do what is necessary and revoke Article 50 to prevent a catastrophic No Deal exit. Parliament can re-invoke Article 50 at any time.

As your constituent, I am asking you to vote to revoke Article 50 in order to prevent a No Deal Brexit.

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