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I am writing to you as a constituent to ask you to commit to supporting workers’ rights in the context of the UK’s future outside the EU.

Brexit has now happened - the UK is out of the EU and its regulatory orbit - and this means that Westminster can now diverge from EU rules. These rules include a range of regulations that safeguard the rights of workers, and a number of figures in the government have in the past stated that they want to explore altering or scrapping these rights.

As well as being a grave human tragedy, the pandemic has also hit workers hard, with mass redundancies and losses of income taking place across the board. For there to also be a watering down of workplace rights would be a slap in the face for so many workers who have kept us healthy and kept the country running in dark times.

The areas of regulation at stake are rules including much of our maternity and paternity pay rules, limits to working hours, holiday pay and annual leave, anti-discrimination laws, protections for agency workers, and health and safety regulations. The government has pushed back against reports that it intends to put these rights at risk, but has also given no solid guarantees of its intentions for the future.

That is why I am writing to you to ask you to commit to a simple pledge:
"I pledge to oppose any loss of workers’ rights arising from the UK’s departure from the EU. Workers' rights, including those that were enshrined in EU law, must not be watered down in any way".

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