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Dear SNP leadership candidates,

The resignation of Nicola Sturgeon was a huge moment of change, not only for Scotland, but for the other nations of the UK.

She is rightly regarded as the most formidable politician of her generation - and, above all, a true progressive.

From Europe, to trans rights, migration, progressive taxation and much more besides, she has championed the causes, groups and issues that the UK government has ignored, derided or even vilified.

That's why across the UK - including among supporters of the Union - she has won huge and enduring respect.

Now, as campaigners spread across the four nations of the UK, we have two questions for you as a prospective leader of Scotland and of the UK's third largest political party:

1. Will you commit to keeping Scotland on its progressive journey, continuing to champion LGBT+ rights, the principle of an open and welcoming migration policy and the defence of the human rights and equalities agenda in Scotland and across the UK, including continuing to support Scotland's pathbreaking Gender Recognition Act?

2. Without at all precluding your right to continue to campaign for Scottish independence as a route to re-joining the EU, or to campaign for a similar deal for Scotland to the Windsor agreement for Northern Ireland; are you willing to combine this with supporting UK-wide campaigning efforts and initiatives for re-joining the EU? Will the SNP under your leadership actively support re-joining the EU in the upcoming Westminster general elections?

While we oppose Westminster's decision to deny the Scottish people a new vote on independence (given the clear mandate for this from the last Holyrood elections), we would also like to work with you and likeminded Scottish parties and movements on UK-wide activity to restore the single market and, ultimately, EU membership of all four nations.

As the rest of the UK slowly comes to adopt the view that the majority in Scotland and Northern Ireland have always known - that Brexit is a failed con - we are certain that Scotland will play a leading role in putting the four nations back on a path to Europe.

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