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Another Europe is Possible conference, Vote In campaign. UCL Institute of Education. London.

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Join us to debate the way forward on the 5th December ▸ Read more

Nigel-Farage looking glum
Victory as Farage calls off march on Supreme Court

Apparently they were surprised that the BNP and EDL would turn up to a far right march... ▸ Read more

March for Europe demo
Defend Parliament, defend democracy – stop the hate

Join us on the 5th December in Parliament Square - oppose Farage's attempt to curtail democracy ▸ Read more

Our case for In

Stay in Europe
to protect our rights

Membership of the EU protects fundamental rights, including workers' rights such as paid holiday and parental leave, human rights, and the right to live, work and study anywhere in Europe.

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Stay in Europe
for solidarity across borders

Important issues like climate change and corporate tax avoidance can't be solved at national level – we need to work together as internationalists.

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Stay in Europe
to fight the hard right

This referendum is taking place because of UKIP's xenophobia and Tory divisions. Exit now would boost the most right wing forces in Britain.

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Stay in Europe
to change Europe

As our name says, we think another Europe is possible: a democratic Europe, free of austerity economics, that welcomes refugees.

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