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Brexit and immigration: prioritising the rights of all workers

Another Europe is Possible has today released a major new report into post-Brexit migration policy. It recommends a system of "Free Movement +" ▸ Read more

Join Another Europe at Labour Party conference

The 3 best fringe events at this year's Labour Party conference. ▸ Read more

The EU Withdrawal Bill: backed by Henry VIII, opposed by democrats

The Bill is a fundamental threat to our democracy, and part of a sinister agenda to undermine our rights - including the "Henry VIII" powers it contains. ▸ Read more

Mass lobby and rally: save migrants’ rights

We cannot allow the government to use migrants as bargaining chips. Join our day of action to step up the fight. ▸ Read more

Revealed: the Great Tory power grab

"This is the most wide ranging power grab by an executive in Britain's peacetime history." ▸ Read more

MPs and campaigners to fight for amendments to the Great Repeal Bill

The Great Repeal Bill will be released this Thursday. Another Europe is Possible, and its allies in parliament, are mobilising to amend it. ▸ Read more

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Our campaigns

A progressive deal

A small majority of the British people voted to leave the European Union – but what that means is unclear. It will be defined mostly in negotiations between the British government and European leaders.

In those negotiations, the British people must have a voice. We will soon be launching a campaign for a progressive deal – seeking to bring people together to put forward a vision for the negotiations, centred around the six progressive elements of EU membership.

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Alliance for Free Movement

In the context of Brexit, the free movement of people is at the top of the political agenda. But the debate is narrow and negative, and dominated by anti-migrant propaganda. The Alliance for Free Movement exists to break out of this situation – to defend and extend the freedom to move.

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Stop Trump

Another Europe is Possible is proud to be playing a central role in the Stop Trump Coalition, a broad alliance of trade unions, NGO, grassroots campaigns and community groups committed to fighting the politics of bigotry and hate, and delivering the biggest demonstration in British history to coincide with his state visit.

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Take Back Control

We are supporting a series of flagship events bringing together Leave and Remain voters in areas often ignored by the political establishment to discuss the change they want to see in their communities.

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Love Knows No Borders

Immigrants are our families, our lovers and our friends. We are not afraid to stand up against the hate all around us. Now is the time to celebrate our love more vocally than ever – our love knows no borders!

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