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The UK has left the EU, but this marks the end of only the first phase of Brexit. There is now a very real prospect that this government will attempt to use the Brexit process as a means of deregulating the UK economy and undermining our rights. This will mean an unprecedented attack on workers, human rights, migrants and the environment. It will also mean losing vital aspects of international cooperation on research, medicines and education funding.

Regardless of whether or not you opposed Brexit, or whether or not we supported a second referendum, we must all now come to terms with this reality and unite to address the enormous dangers ahead of us.

As a starting point, progressives, democrats and the left must come together behind a set of policies for the Brexit process - on everything from migration and trade, to agriculture and science funding, to workers’ rights and human rights. We need to win the public round, whether over the next five years or the next decades.

That is why I am writing to you today to ask you to add your name to The Alternative Mandate, a new initiative which aims to put forward an alternative vision for a post-Brexit Britain You can read the alternative mandate in full here: https://bit.ly/TheAlternativeMandate

To sign up to The Alternative Mandate, please email info@anothereurope.org.

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