6 reasons to vote against Tory Brexit

Theresa May says she wants a mandate to negotiate “the right deal for Britain”. Don’t be fooled.

A general election will take place on June 8th. You can register to vote right here.

Theresa May says she wants a mandate to negotiate “the right deal for Britain”. Don’t be fooled. The Tories plan for Brexit is one of the most extreme and dangerous political agendas in recent history. It is a threat to our basic rights and freedoms.

Here are 6 reasons why you should vote against it.

1. Vote to save British democracy

If the Tories win this election, they will press ahead with new laws – including the “Great Repeal Bill” – that will change the way Britain is governed. This process won’t just strip us of important rights, it will be a power grab for the government, giving them unprecedented power to make and repeal laws without even a vote in parliament. The Tories are a threat to our democracy.

2. Vote to save workers’ rights

When we leave the EU, the government will have the power to remove basic protections for workers – including limits on weekly working hours, four weeks of holiday per year, and guaranteed breaks and maternity pay. The Tories are funded by big business and have openly talked about “deregulating the labour market”. They cannot be trusted with our rights at work.

3. Vote to save our human rights

Theresa May is very open that she wants to scrap the Human Rights Act and withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights. That means our basic rights – the right to a fair trial, the right to life, freedom of expression – will all be under threat. We cannot take these rights for granted – and the Tories want the power to remove them.

4. Vote to save the environment

During the referendum campaign, senior Tories talked a lot about “red tape” – and they didn’t just mean making us fill in fewer forms. They were talking about the environmental protections the EU gave us – from air pollution, to cleaner beaches, to protecting wildlife. Under the Tories, the environment will be under threat.

5. Vote to save our doctors, friends, colleagues and neighbours

3 million Europeans already live in Britain, and it’s their home – they are our doctors, our neighbours and our friends. Before this election was called, the Tory government deliberately blocked plans supported by opposition parties to guarantee their right to stay. A Tory government would play with people’s lives – using them as bargaining chips in the negotiations.

6. Vote to save us from being Trump’s poodle

They aren’t just attacking ordinary people at home. Tory Brexit Britain is a beacon for nasty governments all over the globe. By refusing to condemn Trump’s muslim ban, Theresa May allowed Britain to be used as cover for Trump’s racist policies – all because she wants to sign free trade agreements after Brexit. Senior Tory ministers are already touring the globe sweet-talking brutal dictators for trade deals. Use your vote to stop the Tories making us a poodle for Trump.

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Who are we?

Another Europe is Possible is an alliance of progressives fighting for an alternative to extreme Tory Brexit. We work across party lines.

27th April 2017