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Episode 97

How the rich win – A story of misogyny, money and power

with Gary Stevenson

Episode 96

British politics after the return of George Galloway

with James Meadway and Michael Chessum

Episode 95

The Polish Spring

with Ana Oppenheim

Episode 94

Robert Oppenheimer, anti-fascism and the nuclear bomb

with Mary Kaldor

Episode 93

Decolonising Crimea

with Masha Shynkarenko

Episode 92

From ‘Global Britain’ to Broken Brexit

with Nick Dearden

Episode 91

Neoliberalism and the war against Ukraine

with Yuliya Yurchenko

Episode 90

This is only the beginning – the making of a new left

with Michael Chessum

Episode 89

Free – Coming of Age at the End of History

with Lea Ypi

Episode 88

The cost of living crisis

with Gary Stevenson

Episode 87

Brexit is racist

with Martin Shaw

Episode 86

World politics after Putin’s war

with Denis Pilash and Mary Kaldor