Brexit is not a one-off event but an ongoing process, and how it unfolds will determine all of our futures. The people who led the Leave campaign are now running the country, and theirs is an agenda of economic deregulation, racist scapegoating and border-building. Brexit is the UK franchise of a global wave of right wing and far right nationalist movements, from Trump and Bolsonaro to Orban and Le Pen – and it offers us a nastier, less connected, more unequal future. Another Europe Is Possible exists to campaign against this authoritarian nationalism. 

We were formed in February 2016 as an independent, left wing pro-Remain voice in the referendum campaign. Now, we fight for an alternative to Tory Brexit – and for a different future. The values that drove us to campaign against Brexit in the first place continue to inspire us: we are for solidarity between people and across borders; for a society run in the interests of people and the planet; and for free movement for all.

While we campaign for a close, progressive relationship between the UK and EU, we continue to work with allies across the continent to transform and democratise the the European institutions. We want to build a Europe that has social and environmental justice at its heart, and which is a welcome place to migrants – and our vision of solidarity does not stop at the continent’s borders. 

We are a proudly pluralist and cross party campaign, bringing together a coalition that includes left wingers and progressives from all parties and none. But we are not a charity, and we get stuck in, actively opposing the Tories and other right wing parties. Another Europe is a democratic organisation, run, owned and funded by its members. If you agree with us, you should join us. 

We do our work in two main ways:

1. Building movements of solidarity

We aim to shift the ground under the feet of politicians, while working with allies on the inside. We mobilise campaigns and initiatives to fight back against the new nationalist right and the political content of Brexit, especially on workers’ rights, migrants’ rights and the environment, and we work with a range of allies to do this, from trade unions and political parties to pan-European networks, NGOs and grassroots campaign groups.

2. Scrutinising Brexit, building support for an alternative

We aim to break the silence on the issue of Brexit, cutting through the unwillingness of many politicians to talk about the subject and shining a spotlight on what is happening to our rights, freedoms and livelihoods. By doing the intellectual heavy-lifting and pushing politicians, we are helping to define what an alternative to Tory Brexit might look like and to build a majority for it. Sooner or later, the UK’s relationship with the EU will once again become the major issue of the day, and when it does we want to ensure that the progressive left’s agenda is centre-stage. 

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