Another Europe Is Possible was formed in February 2016 to campaign for a Remain position in the EU referendum from a specifically left, progressive perspective. We came together from across the spectrum of the progressive left, working across party political lines to campaign for democracy, human rights, and social justice.

After the bitter disappointment of the referendum result, we led the left wing campaign to save the progressive aspects of EU membership – in particular the free movement of people – and to push for a public vote on the terms of Brexit with an option to Remain. We are proud of the fight we put up against the rise of right wing nationalism and borders, and we continue to campaign for a future that maintains and extends all of the rights and protections we once enjoyed.

Brexit is a national disaster for Britain, but it is not a “British problem”. All over Europe faith in the project of unity has eroded. Free-market thinking has dominated EU institutions for too long. Many people no longer have faith in the capacity of European democracies to deliver social justice by working together for the common good.

To rebuild this hope, the EU requires radical and far-reaching reform, breaking with austerity economics and pioneering a radically new development strategy. That’s why we are actively working together with international partners, such as European Alternatives, to campaign for political change across the continent.

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