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Brexit has happened, but the fight goes on. Those behind Brexit, aided by the rise of right wing nationalism across the world, are pursuing an unprecedented attack on workers, migrants, the environment and human rights. To beat them, we need to break from the status quo, and put forward a radical politics built on internationalism and solidarity.

This moment is too important for you not to have a say in our strategy. Another Europe is Possible has led the left anti-Brexit movement since the referendum. Now, we are building a radical, democratic movement against the politics of Brexit – and you should be a part of it.

Joining Another Europe will give you a say in how we are run, what campaigns we do and what our strategy is. You will also be able to stand and vote in internal elections, and attend special members’ events.

We stand for solidarity between people and across borders – for free movement, social justice and democracy in society. We are fighting for a better world, and we are fighting to win. If you are too, join us.

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