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A New Hope?

What does the election mean for our movement?

We are overjoyed. The election closes the door on one of the most dishonest, incompetent, regressive and disastrous periods in UK history. For the generation that have only known Tory this is a moment of enormous hope and optimism for the future. 

We send our warm congratulations to the progressives that are heading to Westminster – many for the first time. Not just the new MPs of the incoming Labour government, but also for a Green Party which won all its targets, a remarkable series of victories for progressive independent candidates without party machines and against all the odds, and huge gains for the Liberal Democrats, too. But this result is also extraordinarily disproportionate. Even by the standards of the contortions of ‘First Past the Post it is a bizarre result. Labour won 64% of the seats with just 34% of the vote.   

Another Europe Is Possible exists because we understood at the very beginning that Brexit was the local franchise of a global far right project. The election is a reminder that this danger is still with us. 

The new Labour government has a huge but fragile majority. They will face pressure from the right and far right as well as the left and progressives. It is our job to build that progressive pressure, to build that progressive potential. 

So what now? Our job is to build the movement for change from below: 

  • Never again the Rwanda Bill. Migrants have fundamental human rights that must be protected.
  • Time to turn the corner on Europe. Let’s build a new, closer relationship with the EU based on trust, respect and returning to the path of European integration.
  • Fix – don’t tinker with – the broken economic model. Let’s work to deliver the green transition, strengthen workers’ and trade union rights and tackle runaway inequality.

Another Europe is Possible exists to fight the global far-right project that Trump and Brexit ushered in. We have long understood that this enemy is strengthened – not weakened – when progressives pursue the path of least resistance. 

We work across party lines and international borders. We stand for inclusive, internationalist, radical, democratic, progressive principles.

If you agree, then join Another Europe Is Possible today. 

Let’s build this movement for change. 

7th July 2024