The year we beat Brexit

Tory Brexit began to unravel in 2017. In 2018, let's beat it. ▸ Read more

Defend refugees and free movement – back amendment 332

Free movement is a right worth fighting for. ▸ Read more

The budget: they’ve been lying to you all along

In the first budget since the election, the Tories have admitted both that Brexit is a disaster, and that the Leave campaign lied about the NHS. ▸ Read more

Save our human rights – keep the Charter

Our human rights are in danger - and we've got until Tuesday to save them. ▸ Read more

Another Europe in Madrid: report from European Alternative’s Transeuropa Festival

Antje Scharenberg reports on European Alternatives' international festival. ▸ Read more

TAKE ACTION: Stop The Powergrab Plot

We are facing an unprecedented threat to our democracy, rights and freedoms. Take part in our emergency day of action on Friday 10th November ▸ Read more

Solutions to the EU Withdrawal Bill – evidence to parliamentary committees

The EU Withdrawal Bill is one of the biggest threats to British democracy in decades - and we're fighting it in the ▸ Read more

The tide is turning – reports from the fringes of conference season

After months of despair, the fight against Hard Tory Brexit is back on the front foot - with major progress on free movement and the Progressive Deal ▸ Read more

Free movement is firmly back on the agenda for Labour

Nick Dearden takes a look at a rapidly transforming migration debate in the Labour Party - and the role we are playing. ▸ Read more

Brexit and immigration: prioritising the rights of all workers

Another Europe is Possible has today released a major new report into post-Brexit migration policy. It recommends a system of "Free Movement +" ▸ Read more

Join Another Europe at Labour Party conference

The 3 best fringe events at this year's Labour Party conference. ▸ Read more

The EU Withdrawal Bill: backed by Henry VIII, opposed by democrats

The Bill is a fundamental threat to our democracy, and part of a sinister agenda to undermine our rights - including the "Henry VIII" powers it contains. ▸ Read more

Mass lobby and rally: save migrants’ rights

We cannot allow the government to use migrants as bargaining chips. Join our day of action to step up the fight. ▸ Read more

Revealed: the Great Tory power grab

"This is the most wide ranging power grab by an executive in Britain's peacetime history." ▸ Read more

MPs and campaigners to fight for amendments to the Great Repeal Bill

The Great Repeal Bill will be released this Thursday. Another Europe is Possible, and its allies in parliament, are mobilising to amend it. ▸ Read more

5 reasons why May’s offer on EU citizens is mean and dangerous

Theresa May has outlined the British government's proposals for EU citizens living in the UK. They're awful. ▸ Read more

Briefing note: UK faces ‘decimation of rights’ in Queen’s Speech

The Great Repeal Bill is toxic. Time to step up our campaign ▸ Read more

Hard Brexit lost the election

The Tories put their case, and they lost. Now join the campaign to fight back against their extreme Brexit agenda. ▸ Read more

Party leaders unite to guarantee EU citizens’ rights

The leaders of all major political parties except UKIP and the Tories have signed a landmark pledge, co-ordinated by Another Europe is Possible ▸ Read more

Now online: European Citizens’ Initiative – Retaining EU citizenship

You might be able to keep your EU citizenship. We just need to gather a million signatures... ▸ Read more

Get your free materials – Use Your Vote to Stop Tory Brexit

We've already sent tens of thousands of these Stop Tory Brexit materials across the country - get hold of yours now and for free. ▸ Read more

Remain campaigners launch anti-Tory election campaign

Figures including Clive Lewis and Caroline Lucas have joined a campaign urging voters to "use your vote to Stop Tory Brexit". ▸ Read more

6 reasons to vote against Tory Brexit

Theresa May says she wants a mandate to negotiate “the right deal for Britain”. Don’t be fooled. ▸ Read more

Retain EU citizenship – support the European Citizens’ Initiative

Another Europe is Possible is supporting a European Citizens Initiative (ECI) campaigning to ensure that UK and European citizens get to keep their citizenship rights after Brexit. ▸ Read more

Emergency protest – stop the deportation of Iraqi refugees

We're supporting an emergency protest called by the International Federation of Iraqi Refugees (IFIR) this Thursday - and you should join us. ▸ Read more

Another Europe trade union network launched

Following a sizeable trade unionist caucus at our conference on April 1st, Another Europe is Possible is launching a trade unionist network ▸ Read more

Hundreds gather for ‘Another Europe is still possible’ in Manchester

Another Europe is Possible's national conference took place on Saturday 1st April, with hundreds of people from across the UK coming together to plan the movement against Trump and Hard Brexit ▸ Read more

What is the Great Repeal Bill?

With the publication of the Great Repeal Bill White Paper we're getting a clearer sense of how it threatens our democracy. Here we lay out all you need to know ▸ Read more

Unprecedented alliance vows to fight for a “Progressive Deal” after Article 50

Leading figures from Labour and Green parties, along with the general secretaries of a number trade unions, have released a statement vowing to fight on after the declaration of Article 50 today. ▸ Read more

After Article 50, UK democracy will be ‘chilled’ by Great Repeal Bill

Theresa May is planning an unprecedented bill to transport thousands of European laws into British law. But the process she has proposed represents a huge risk to our democracy ▸ Read more

Briefing note: How the Great Repeal Bill threatens our democracy

A new and vital guide to the threat the Great Repeal Bill represents to our democracy ▸ Read more

Why we’ll be on the Unite for Europe march

This Saturday, tens of thousands of people will march through London on the 'Unite for Europe' demonstration. We'll be there despite our criticisms - and here's why. ▸ Read more

Where next, after a Brexit without dignity, respect or accountability?

After the farce and failures of the Article 50 vote, Nick Dearden argues a vision for what progressives must do now. ▸ Read more

Emergency action for European migrants’ rights

The rights of our fellow European citizens hang in the balance today. Take action now! ▸ Read more

Meaningful citizenship starts with political rights

Niccolo Milanese continues the debate we are hosting on the idea of an individual associate membership of the EU ▸ Read more

The case for individual associate citizenship of the European Union

Mary Kaldor discusses the proposal to grant UK citizens the option of becoming associate citizens of the EU after Brexit ▸ Read more

Less than 2 weeks to guarantee European citizens’ basic rights

Unelected barons are more progressive than MPs on migrants' rights, apparently. ▸ Read more

European migrants are ALREADY being deported – you just haven’t noticed it

New rules introduced in May 2016 have led to the regular deportation of EU and EEA migrants for the crime of being homeless. ▸ Read more

Another Europe is still possible – resisting Hard Brexit and Trump

On April 1st, join Another Europe is Possible in Manchester for a major national conference. Book your ticket here, now. ▸ Read more


Make a video to make a point. It's simple ▸ Read more

What just happened – and why you shouldn’t despair

We should be honest and sober about what is happening, but there there is plenty of hope. Here's why. ▸ Read more

6 key amendments to the Article 50 Bill

Get your MP to support these 6 amendments. ▸ Read more

Huge rallies across the UK as campaigners form ‘Stop Trump’ coalition

Movement aims to bring 1 million people onto the streets ▸ Read more

Catherine West MP: Why I will vote against Article 50

Another Europe Is Possible strongly welcomes this statement from Shadow Foreign Office Minister, Catherine West, the Labour MP for Hornsey and Wood Green ▸ Read more

Stop Tory Brexit: Halt Article 50

Theresa May has made clear her Brexit plan. And it's disastrous. Voting for Article 50 in this context is wrong. It gives a green light and mandate to a jobs-destroying hard Brexit ▸ Read more

Why we’re still defending free movement

A debate is breaking out over free movement and Brexit. Here Another Europe supporters outline where we stand. ▸ Read more

VIDEO: ‘Much of the left does not understand the EU or its internal politics’

Watch Another Europe's Marina Prentoulis discuss Brexit and the absence of a progressive vision at a recent University of East Anglia event ▸ Read more

VIDEO: ‘That’s pure racism’

Watch Another Europe's Mary Kaldor on Newsnight ▸ Read more

Starmer’s negotiating stance is ‘indistinguishable’ from May’s

Another Europe responds to Keir Starmer's Bloomberg speech ▸ Read more

VIDEOS: Democracy, Europe and the #DealWeNeed

Some 300 people turned out for Another Europe's public event on the 5th December ▸ Read more


Join us to debate the way forward on the 5th December ▸ Read more

Victory as Farage calls off march on Supreme Court

Apparently they were surprised that the BNP and EDL would turn up to a far right march... ▸ Read more

Defend Parliament, defend democracy – stop the hate

Join us on the 5th December in Parliament Square - oppose Farage's attempt to curtail democracy ▸ Read more

America’s darkest hour

A public statement from Another Europe Is Possible ▸ Read more

The fight is back on – and we need you

Did you campaign with us in the EU referendum or just furious at Britain's lurch to right wing nationalism? Then it's time to get active with Another Europe Is Possible ▸ Read more

Video: Missed the Brexit Britain event? Check out the panels here

Another Europe Is Possible, Open Democracy, the LSE Human Security and Civil Society Research Unit, and DiEM 2025 brought together 450 people in discussion at the Brexit Britain event. If you missed it check out the videos here. ▸ Read more

Act now to stop CETA!

Tim Flitcroft asks for your support to stop a toxic trade deal. Write to your MP today ▸ Read more

What went wrong? Hundreds join conversation at Brexit Britain event

Last Saturday around 450 people attended, 'Brexit Britain: What went wrong and what next?', at the London School of Economics ▸ Read more

The arguments of “Lexit” are as illogical as ever. We won’t go down without a fight

Neil Faulkner exposes the torturous lack of logic emanating from defenders of "Lexit" as the Morning Star steps up its campaign against free movement ▸ Read more

Why Britain Stronger in Europe’s MPs are wrong to raise the white flag on free movement

Labour MPs connected to Britain Stronger in Europe have announced they want an end to free movement. This is bad economics and bad politics, argues Sam Fowles  ▸ Read more

Brexit Britain: What went wrong and what next?

Join us on the 8th October for a day of discussion, reflection and action planning ▸ Read more

Yanis Varoufakis: A letter to supporters of Another Europe Is Possible

In a letter addressed to supporters of Another Europe Is Possible, Yanis Varoufakis makes the case for the organisation to unite with the Democracy in Europe Movement 2025 ▸ Read more

Watch Melanie Onn’s speech on maintaining EU standards for workers’ rights

Melanie Onn's 'Ten Minute Rule' bill calling for the protection of EU standards for rights at work will go to second reading in November ▸ Read more

SOS workers’ rights at risk

Back Melanie Onn's 'Ten Minute Rule' motion this week. Sign the petition and write to your MP ▸ Read more

The ‘lexit’ delusion

Marina Prentoulis argues the left can find no cause for celebration in the Brexit disaster ▸ Read more

Debate: We all have an interest in Labour’s future

A discussion piece from Michael Chessum on Labour and the political landscape after the EU referendum ▸ Read more

Report and photos: Rise up for Europe! Hundreds say migrants welcome

Around 700 people turned out for the ‘Rise up For Europe: Defend Free Movement, Migrants Welcome’ rally on Saturday 9th July outside Downing Street ▸ Read more

“March for Europe” brings tens of thousands onto streets of London

Huge progressive, pro-migrant, and internationalist march sends out message of hope ▸ Read more

Brexit and the rise of racism

Neil Faulkner discusses the relationship between racism and the Leave campaign ▸ Read more

Rise up for Europe!

We've called a demonstration to say we're still here, still fighting for our rights. Why not organise something similar in your town and city? ▸ Read more

Exit on what terms? We demand a say!

Ask your MP to support the call to put the terms of a deal to a vote of the British public ▸ Read more

The next 24 hours: what you can do to stop Tory Brexit

We’ve spent months fighting this referendum, and we know how high the stakes are. This could well come down to thousands of votes – and everything now hangs on what we do in the next 24 hours. ▸ Read more

Let’s hear young people’s voices: why I organised the rally for Europe

Sophie Nazemi, a student and the organiser of the Yes to Europe rally in Trafalgar Square, on making sure young people are heard ▸ Read more

Jo Cox, RIP

A short tribute to Labour MP Jo Cox ▸ Read more

Corbyn: When a politician plays the blame game, it’s because they’ve got nothing to say

Immigrants are not driving down British workers' wages, Jeremy Corbyn has insisted in a major speech in Rotherham ▸ Read more

Caroline Lucas: Imagine how this debate feels for EU nationals living here

Caroline Lucas says the left must stand up and be counted in the EU referendum debate ▸ Read more

What future for Europe?

Luke Cooper reviews Our Europe; Not Theirs (Lawrence and Wishart, 2016) ▸ Read more

As Portugal continues on anti-austerity path, will Spain be next?

David Raby asks if Portugal's quiet shift away from austerity shows Europe the way to a new future ▸ Read more

Remain for change: Building European solidarity for a democratic alternative

A new report from Economists for Rational Economic Policies outlines the economic case for progressive change in Europe. It will be formally launched on the 15th June in London ▸ Read more

Dave Prentis: Reject this divisive Leave campaign

The last refuge of the scoundrel is stoking up fear of the foreign, argues Dave Prentis ▸ Read more

So you think the EU can’t be reformed?

Check your history and think again, argue Hilary Wainwright and Mary Kaldor ▸ Read more

Catching up with Portugal

50 years ago England beat Portugal in the ’66 World Cup semi-final but Mark Perryman argues English decline has left England racing to keep up with their Euro rivals ▸ Read more

#VoteIn event: reports, photos, videos

Press coverage of our 28 May event, photos, and video recordings of the sessions ▸ Read more

Sign the London Declaration

Today, Yanis Varoufakis, John McDonnell and Caroline Lucas are launching this call to vote In and change Europe. You can add your signature here. ▸ Read more

28 May national event – full timetable

The schedule for our national event Vote In - Another Europe is Possible on Saturday 28 May ▸ Read more

Leaving the EU would ‘trap us in the 20th century’

The 'warts and all' novelty of the EU as an institution means it has a vital role to play in addressing global problems, writes Mary Kaldor ▸ Read more

If you want to save the NHS then vote ‘Remain’ on the 23rd June

In this exclusive article, Unison's Dave Prentis explains why health workers are campaigning for the UK to remain inside the EU ▸ Read more

Fire Brigades Union conference says, ‘Stay in Europe to change Europe’

National conference agrees to support campaign for Britain to remain a member of the European Union. But brilliant speech from General Secretary Matt Wrack rejects status quo Europe and calls for alternative ▸ Read more

Nationwide speaker tour announced

Today, Another Europe is Possible is announcing the first wave of dates for a nation-wide speaker tour in late May and early June. ▸ Read more

I voted out in 1975, but we’re in a different situation today. There’s no going back

Andrew Burgin explains why he's calling on the left to back 'remain' ▸ Read more

Vote In – Another Europe is Possible: a national event with Yanis Varoufakis, John McDonnell and many more

Another Europe is Possible is excited to announce the launch of our flagship national event, with Yanis Varoufakis, Caroline Lucas, John McDonnell, Owen Jones, Matt Wrack and many, many more. ▸ Read more

How not to make the case for ‘remain’

There is a compelling case for EU membership based on social justice and human rights. But you won't find it in Theresa May's speech ▸ Read more

Vote Leave are no friends of the NHS: Just look at Daniel Hannan

The leading supporter of Vote Leave told Fox News in 2009 the NHS was a 'terrible mistake'. Do you really believe he wants to save the NHS? ▸ Read more

Workers’ rights, migration and some necessary realism – why another Europe is (still) possible

Sol Gamsu looks at some of the arguments for Brexit in light of Another Europe's recent gathering ▸ Read more

Corbyn’s brilliant speech lays down gauntlet to Leave campaigners

Corbyn seizes headlines and puts a crystal clear, socialist case for staying in the EU. Time to turn the ideas into action with wave of campaigning ▸ Read more

Surprise, surprise: Tory EU pamphlet “forgets” workers’ rights

Government's leaflet fails to include a section on the employment rights won at European level ▸ Read more

Britain’s biggest public sector union backs ‘In’ vote on 23rd June

Unison will be urging its members to vote to remain inside the EU ▸ Read more

EU In campaign ‘gets ready to fight Farage’

Another Europe is Possible will bring together grassroots activists and prominent figures this Saturday as we prepare to ‘fight Farage’ ▸ Read more

Leave campaign openly opposes increase in minimum wage for poorest workers

It's a clear warning to all workers: stay clear of these "big-business backed xenophobes" ▸ Read more

EU law does not ban bailout for steel industry

Don't play politics with the Steel crisis, Another Europe Is Possible tells Leave campaigners ▸ Read more

Green Party of England and Wales affiliates to Another Europe Is Possible

In a big boost to our campaign, the Green Party has announced it's backing the radical case for 'In' ▸ Read more

Leave campaigners ‘wilfully misleading’ British public on TTIP

The Leave Campaign will turn Britain into a paradise for big business; in Europe we can defeat the US-EU trade pact. ▸ Read more

John Redwood ‘has a nerve’ in posing as anti-austerity

Don't be fooled. Far from wanting to put an end to austerity, Leave campaigners want to take Britain even further on the free market road ▸ Read more

Action on super-exploitation ‘puts paid to notion EU simply bosses club’

New report from Another Europe Is Possible welcomes proposals to stop undercutting of wages and conditions but says EU must do more ▸ Read more

New EU refugee stance only ‘pays lip service’ to international law

Zoe Gardner condemns another flawed refugee policy and calls for a 180 degree change in thinking ▸ Read more

They took the words right out of our mouth

Mark Perryman of Philosophy Football applauds Dortmund fans’ vision of another Europe ▸ Read more

Unite union to campaign for Britain to remain in EU

Britain's largest union has joined the In campaign. ▸ Read more

Liz Snape: Trade unionists know you don’t win for the collective by walking away

A vote to stay in the EU doesn't mean accepting the Europe we have ▸ Read more

EU-Turkey deal ‘unrealistic, inhumane and illegal’

Draft agreement is a step back for social justice and human rights ▸ Read more

Chris Grayling lets the cat out of the bag

Leave campaigners want to dump workers' rights to make UK 'more competitive' ▸ Read more

Did you know? The EU and offshore wind power in the UK

Richard Campbell looks at the role of the EU in the UK's offshore wind sector ▸ Read more

Why the left should campaign to remain in the European Union

Adnan Rahman argues that when it comes to the EU referendum, there is only one way for progressives to vote ▸ Read more

Podcast: Caroline Lucas lectures at the LSE on the EU referendum

Last Thursday Caroline Lucas addressed an audience at the London School of Economics discussing "The European Union: friend or foe of progressive politics?" ▸ Read more

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell backs Another Europe Is Possible

Calls for 'Europe of solidarity, workers' rights and environmental justice' ahead of tonight's Question Time appearance ▸ Read more

A sign of hope in Portugal

David Raby reports on the election of an anti-austerity government in Portugal ▸ Read more

The answer to the EU referendum: Plan B for Europe

Nick Dearden reports on the Plan B for Europe conference in Madrid, 20 - 21st Feb 2016 ▸ Read more

The fixture clash: Euro 2016 vs Euro Referendum

Mark Perryman of Philosophy Football reckons he knows the final score when European football coincides with a big vote on Europe ▸ Read more

GMB union backs ‘in’ but warns EU has ‘lost its way’

General secretary, Tim Roache, says a social Europe, not leaving the EU, is the workers' answer ▸ Read more

If you are a trade unionist there is only one way to vote

Trade unionists should oppose Brexit, argues Judy McKnight ▸ Read more

Founding statement in the Guardian

A wide range of MPs and campaigners have signed this letter in support of the campaign in the Guardian newspaper. ▸ Read more

Emergency brake proposal ‘shuts door on half century of progress’

Now is the time to stand up for the principle of non-discrimination for EU citizens ▸ Read more

New movement offers hope over fear

Sanjiv Sachdev of Philosophy Football reports on the launch of Another Europe Is Possible ▸ Read more

This is what a European looks like

Mark Perryman of Philosophy Football makes a populist case for Europe ▸ Read more

Cameron’s renegotiation a ‘step back for Europe’

Cameron doesn't just want a less equal Britain. His renegotiation is trying to win a less equal Europe too ▸ Read more

‘Race to the bottom to close borders threatens Europe’, not refugees

Social media condemns French Prime Minister Manuel Valls. Another Europe backs social media ▸ Read more

Christmas in Lesvos – eyewitness report

Zoe Gardner is currently volunteering on the Greek island of Lesvos. She reports from the frontline of "Fortress Europe" on the perilous journey refugees are forced to make in the hope of gaining sanctuary in EU states ▸ Read more

Leaving the EU will not free us from TTIP

The only way to respond to globalised threats to democracy is as part of the EU, argues Sam Fowles ▸ Read more

Let’s be clear, nationalisation is NOT against EU law

Sorry Nigel but EU law will not prohibit a properly handled nationalisation of energy utilities, writes Sam Fowles ▸ Read more

Jeremy Corbyn calls for ‘real social Europe’

Jeremy Corbyn has asserted the need for a 'real social Europe' that works in the interests of ordinary people ▸ Read more

EU debate: We need to stay in Europe to change Europe

The idea that a social Europe could emerge by quitting the EU is a delusion. There are no quick fixes for neoliberalism, writes Luke Cooper in Red Pepper magazine ▸ Read more

Greece shows why we have to change Europe, not walk away

Marina Prentoulis, a senior lecturer in Politics and Media at the University of East Anglia, and a spokesperson for Syriza in the UK explains why even after what happened to Greece it would be wrong to campaign for Britain to leave ▸ Read more

Why we’re launching ‘Another Europe Is Possible’

The referendum on whether or not Britain should remain in the European Union may still be as much as two years away, but already the campaigns on both sides are gearing up, writes Salman Shaheen  ▸ Read more

Is the EU’s pursuit of TTIP reason enough to leave?

Sam Lowe from Friends of the Earth blogs on why TTIP is no reason to leave the EU ▸ Read more