Amendment 332 model letter

Dear [your MP’s  name]

I am writing to you to ask you to put your name to Amendment 332 in the forthcoming Committee Stage on the EU Withdrawal Bill- which defends the rights of child refugees and the right of free movement. Free movement is not a one way street, and, as your constituent, I am asking you to protect my rights.

As the UK prepares, for good or for ill, to leave the EU, we must take a careful look at the protections contained in European legislation. None is more important than Britain’s ongoing responsibility to  refugees. Amendment 332 is designed to ensure that additional powers in the Bill will not be used to undermine the rights of child refugees, or the right of EU citizens and their family to reside freely.

These regulations are vital. As the Red Cross describes it: “The Dublin Regulation states that asylum seekers with family members already under international protection, or in the process of seeking asylum, have the right to claim asylum in the same country. Under this regulation, family unity takes precedence over other criteria, such as the first country reached in the EU by a refugee.”

This is not a “generous” system – it is a basic human right for children to be . There can be no excuse for not guaranteeing this right from the outset.

Please put your name to Amendment 332 today.

Yours sincerely

[Your Name]

[Your Address]