Another Europe elections: run to be on our national committee

Nominations are now open for Another Europe’s national committee elections for the year of 2021.

6th January 2021

Nominations are now open for Another Europe’s national committee elections for the year of 2021.

All members of Another Europe are entitled to run, and need only to fill in this form to do so. If you are not a member of Another Europe and want to vote or stand in the election, you will need to join here.

Because of the pandemic, we’re running all of our elections online this year (as opposed to normal years, when half of the seats are filled at our conference), so there are 16 places up for election, 8 of which are reserved for self-defining women.

What is the national committee?

The national committee is the elected leadership body of Another Europe. It is responsible for the organisation’s positions and campaigns, instructs our staff team and makes all the big decisions. It is comprised of sixteen elected members, plus one rep for each affiliated organisation.

Who should run?

Anyone who is a member of Another Europe can run, and we welcome both experienced organisers and thinkers, and new members who can bring a fresh perspective. This isn’t a job interview, it’s an election – and whether you win or not will depend on how many votes you get, not on your experience.

What is the timetable?

Wednesday 6th January: Nominations open

Monday 18th January at 23:59: Nominations close

Wednesday 20th January at 12 noon: Voting opens

Sunday 31st January at 23:59: Voting closes


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