Another Europe joins European Alternatives

We've joined an international alliance fighting for democracy, equality and culture beyond the nation state.

At the last meeting of the Another Europe is Possible steering group, we agreed to affiliate to European Alternatives – a pan-European network dedicated to “promoting democracy, equality and culture beyond the nation state and imagining, demanding and enacting alternatives for a viable future for Europe”.

Having kept in close contact with European Alternatives (EA) since the referendum, and having attended and co-hosted a number of events, we think that the EA is a good outlet for building an international alliance for democracy and social justice. EA runs a variety of campaigns that align well with our own, including on free movement.

In order to beat Brexit from the left, we need to make a convincing case that progressives can carve out space for themselves and their ideas – both in parallel to the European project and as a means of transforming it. Being a part of and international movement will be key to this.

We join a long list of organisational affiliates, including Krytyka Polityczna, the Migrants Rights Network, and many others. As an affiliate organisation, we will get a vote in prioritising EA’s campaigns and activities.

If you’ve got any thoughts on what we should do with European Alternatives, let us know at

19th February 2018