4 Dec 2021: Another Europe National Conference

On Saturday 4th December, Another Europe is Possible will be holding its annual conference online via Zoom. With Alex Sobel MP, Tamsin Omond, Laura Parker & more.

2nd December 2021

On Saturday 4th December, Another Europe is Possible will be holding its annual conference online via Zoom.

As well as hearing from some great speakers, including Alex Sobel MP, Tamsin Omond, Zoe Gardner and Laura Parker, and having some thoughtful discussions, this is where we democratically agree our strategy for the coming year.

Join us as we gather to learn and inspire each other for the tough fights ahead!

All members welcome.

Registration info and copy of all relevant documents will be emailed to members.

If you’ve not yet signed up as a member, you can do so right now:https://www.anothereurope.org/join/

Conference Programme

Saturday 4 December

11am-12pm: Opening Plenary – The UK’s future relationship with Europe: our strategy. With Zoe Gardner, Alena Ivanova & Luke Cooper, chaired by Seema Syeda.

12pm-12.10pm: Break

12.10pm -13pm: Workshops
Workshop 1A: International Solidarity & Migrants’ Rights on the Poland-Belarus Border, with Grupa Granica, a grassroots migrant solidarity group active on the Polish border.

Workshop 1B: Trans Rights and Solidarity Across Borders, with Belgian Punk Poet Biche de Ville, environmental activist Tamsin Omond, and Cloudy Moroni, a non binary photographer and activist based in Rome, Italy. Chaired by Natacha Kennedy.

13.00-13.10: Break

13.10-14.00: Workshops
Workshop 2A: Lessons from the Climate Movements with Izzy Warren (UK Student Climate Network), Zack Polanski (London Assembly Member & Green Party Democracy spokesperson), Dorothy Guerrero (Global Justice Now) and Alena Ivanova.

Workshop 2B: Brexit Spotlight brainstorming with Luke Cooper.

14.00-14.10: Break

Electoral Reform Rally – Laura Parker in conversation with Alex Sobel MP

14.40- 15.40: Speeches & Voting on Conference Proposals

15.40-15.50: Closing Plenary with Mary Kaldor, Joseph Healy & Seema Syeda.

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