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Confronting Islamophobia Across Europe

Join our workshop and organise with activists across Europe to tackle anti-Muslim hatred.

Join our workshop on Friday 19 August 2022, 10am at the European Summer University of Social Movements in Mönchengladbach, Germany. Find out more about the ESU here.

Speakers: Shaista Aziz (UK Labour Councillor), Sohinee Gosh (France, Front Uni des Immigrations et Des Quartiers Populaires), Merve Şahin (Germany, Die Linke), Seema Syeda (Chair, Another Europe Is Possible)

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Islamophobia is one of the most important examples of racism, stigmatisation and discrimination in the twenty-first century. Yet, there is still a lack of joined-up international campaigning and advocacy on this vital issue, foregrounding the perspectives and outlooks of Muslim communities and activists.

 Despite the role that a specific fear and hatred of Muslims played in the construction of the refugee ‘crisis’ across Europe, and the way in which this was seized on by the far right, Islamophobia has often been ‘absorbed’ into general anti-racist and anti-fascist campaigning, rather than identified as requiring specific, direct policy intervention and outreach to Muslim communities.   

This workshop draws together speakers to develop international dialogue around this vital area of progressive intervention, and work towards practical outcomes based on solidarity and internationalism. 

Sponsors: Another Europe Is Possible, European Alternatives, CEDETIM

25th July 2022