Why I’m backing Another Europe Is Possible

Note that these endorsements apply to the 2016 referendum campaign only. If you are using a screen reader click here for the text.  

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Full text of quotes

John McDonnell
Labour Shadow Chancellor 
“The Tories want a Europe of austerity, inequality and runaway corporate power. I want a Europe of solidarity, workers’ rights, and environmental justice. Let’s have a Europe-wide clampdown on corporate tax dodgers and use the money to end austerity, provide quality jobs and build a more equal society. That’s what the Another Europe Is Possible campaign is calling for – a real social Europe – and I’m proud to give it my support.”

Matt Wrack
General secretary Fire Brigades Union
“We’re in the middle of an economic crisis; it was caused by the banks, not by migrants. We have a housing crisis; it was caused by the failure of markets, not by migrants. And our public services our stretched; that is caused by austerity politics, not by migrants.”

Manuel Cortes
TSSA General Secretary
“I fully understand that the EU is far from perfect but staying within it, is currently in the best interests of working people. Sadly, voting to leave will not a bring us a second closer to a socialist nirvana. In fact, until at least 2020, it is very likely that we will continue to have a viciously right-wing Tory government who will take great pleasure in destroying the rights workers have gained through EU membership. Our union favours a very different kind of Europe. We want to see greater democracy and policies which put working people first. That’s why, we must build alliances across our continent to put an end to the neoliberal era. Ordinary Europeans are crying out for a new settlement which puts democracy, equality and solidarity at its heart. We must fight hard to hard to make this a reality!”

Liz Snape
TUC President
“I’ll be voting to remain in the European Union because I believe another Europe is possible. A vote to remain on June 23rd is not a vote for the status quo – it’s a vote to stay in Europe and fight to change it for the better. Trade unionists know that you don’t get what’s best for the collective by walking away. You don’t win for your members by abandoning the debate. And you don’t achieve real solidarity by going it alone.”

Owen Jones
Author and columnist
“We need to fight for a democratic Europe that is run in the interests of working people. Let’s stand with other Europeans with the same aspirations and build it.”

Ann Pettifor
“Europe’s dominant economic model serves financial interests and markets, and forces divergence and disintegration on the union. But we, the people of Europe yearn for peace, co-operation and convergence, based on human rights, economic and social justice and protection; and democratic, accountable governments. I believe such a Europe is possible, and want to fight for that.”

Michael Mansfield QC
“Remaining within the Union is the only way in which the common and fundamental standards of social and economic justice can be agreed and implemented for the good of all.”

Marina Prentoulis
Academic and Syriza UK
“The agreement forced on Greece confirmed the irrational and unjust doctrines of neoliberalism have now eroded European institutions. It is this agreement however that has increased our determination, our resolve and the urgency with which we have to fight in order to divert the EU from the destructive path it has taken. Europe must be re-founded on democracy, social justice and equality. We can achieve this change through the creation of a united front of the people of Europe, demanding the democratic control of our political, social and economic institutions.”

Cat Smith
Labour Party MP
“I don’t think the EU is everything it could be. It could be so much better. I am worried about TTIP and competition laws that threaten our NHS and how we can’t introduce subsidies to save our struggling steel industry. But I believe as workers and as consumers, and for the environment, we should be part of the EU. At the moment it operates too much in the interests of big business, not ordinary working people. I would like to see an EU where workers come first, not big money.”

Caroline Lucas
Green Party MP
“Like Westminster, EU institutions are not perfect. The EU must become more democratic, and more accountable to the citizens of Europe. But to secure these changes, we need to stay in the EU and fight for meaningful reform. Another Europe is Possible – but only if we make it so. That’s why I’m excited to part of this campaign, and to be working with colleagues from across the EU to build a positive case for EU membership and an unstoppable momentum for positive reform.”

Richard Murphy
Economist and tax justice campaigner
“The EU has done more to really tackle international tax abuse than any other organisation: do we really want to give up the chance to be involved in that? It’s the worst economic grouping we could be involved in except for all the rest, which are much worse still. The parliament has been way ahead of the game in demanding reform to hold big business to account for its tax abuse. Why give that up? No organisation in the world has done more to crack open tax haven secrecy than the EU. That’s a lot to lose.”

Dave Prentis
General secretary, Unison
“In recent weeks those who want us to leave Europe – the Tory headbangers, UKIP and friends – have been claiming that the NHS will get more money if we leave the EU. That’s utter nonsense. These are often the same politicians whose government has strangled the NHS of funds over the past six years, and caused its current recruitment and retention crisis.”