Episode 11: Are the Tories dead?

With Zoe Williams, Luke Cooper and Jamie Coward.

5th October 2018

The Tory conference and May’s speech: a great exercise in fantasy and delusion or a fightback from our embattled prime minister? That’s the question on the latest Another Europe podcast. After the catastrophe of last year’s speech – when May could hardly speak and the sign fell off the boarding at the close of her disastrous performance – it could hardly have been any worse this time round. May has won plaudits for steadying the ship, some people even seemed to like her busting out some moves to Dancing Queen. And Tory moderates have described it as a surprisingly successful exercise in facing down the hard right in her party. But there’s one simply problem with this narrative: it assumes the outside world doesn’t exist. A context-less analysis won’t get us anywhere. We put the context back in of Britain’s Brexit crisis.

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