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Episode 30: Special Report – The Rise and Fall of Syriza

Luke Cooper reports from Athens

When Syriza won the 2015 elections they were the first government of the radical left seen in Europe since the 1930s. Leading the people into a historic clash with the European Union they were left bruised and defeated when they were forced to accept a new round of austerity six months later. Today they have lost power to a new right wing government.

In this special edition of the Another Europe podcast, we sent Luke Cooper to Athens to learn about the Greek crisis four years on. What are the lessons of the Syriza experiment? Should Greece have left the eurozone – and what would that have entailed for the Greek people? Were the alternatives? We answer these questions and more. Tune in.

The European Cultural Foundation supports this initiative as it is rethinking Europe as an open and democratic space.

28th July 2019