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Episode 35: Building alliances to transform Europe – an international dialogue

With Kevin Kühnert, Ana Gomes, Katja Kipping and Clive Lewis.

Expressing international solidarity is easy. But taking steps to build transformative change on a European and international level is much harder. At the World Transformed Festival, Another Europe’s Zoe Williams hosted a discussion bringing together perspectives from two countries with quite different experiences of the EU: Portugal has been on the frontline of austerity and successfully stood up to a neoliberal Europe with its leftist government now riding high in the polls; Germany has been one of the most powerful and conservative of Europe’s states. What can we learn from these experiences? With Kevin Kühnert of the German SPD, Ana Gomes from the Portuguese Socialists, Katja Kipping of Die Linke and the Labour Party MP Clive Lewis.

Produced in collaboration with Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung, Brussels Office. Funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.

27th September 2019