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Episode 40: Real Democracy Now: how do we fix our broken politics?

with Hilary Wainwright and Mary Kaldor

It seems almost everyone accepts there is a democratic crisis in Britain and Europe. But there is very little agreement what to do about it. For Brexiters satisfying the demand of the referendum in 2016 to leave the EU whatever the cost has become the catch-all solution to the country’s democratic woes. Too many remainers, in contrast, deny there is even a problem with citizens participation today. In our latest podcast – recorded at a recent live audience event in London – hosts Zoe Williams and Luke Cooper are joined by Hilary Wainwright and Mary Kaldor to discuss how we really ‘take back control’ in the twenty-first century.

The European Cultural Foundation supports this initiative as it is rethinking Europe as an open and democratic space.

4th November 2019