Episode 47: Are we heading for a united Ireland?

with Jane Wells and Joseph Healy

21st January 2020

Brexit has been a rough ride for the people of Northern Ireland. Having never voted to Leave the EU it felt like a colonial act of English nationalism. But it also has created a new spirit of hope that the north of Ireland’s deep sectarian divisions might be overcome. Whereas the English left were thrown into mourning the day after the general election, in Northern Ireland, much like Scotland, there was a different atmosphere. A historic breakthrough for the cross-community Alliance Party, winning 17 per cent of the vote, was matched by Unionist parties returning less seats than the Nationalist parties for the first time ever. Hosts Zoe Williams and Luke Cooper are joined by Joseph Healy, longtime Irish immigrant in London and principal speaker for the Left Unity party, and curator and Northern Irish community activist, Jane Wells, to discuss whether Ulster Unionism now faces an existential crisis.

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