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Episode 54: Coronavirus Lockdown – Capitalism on life support: so what do we do next?

with Ann Pettifor and Nick Dearden

It’s quite simply the biggest peacetime crisis capitalism has ever faced. The entire global system has ground to a halt. In this moment of great danger and turmoil, hosts Zoe Williams and Luke Cooper are joined by economist Ann Pettifor, author of The Case for the Green New Deal, and Nick Dearden, regular on the show and director of Global Justice Now. They outline how behind the scenes central banks are undertaking a huge bailout of the financial system to keep it afloat. Will this repeat the mistakes of the 2008 crisis – of socialising the losses but privatising the profits? Or can we radically reform our economy for the challenges of this century? Find out on today’s podcast.

Editor: Ben Higgins Milner
Producer: Luke Cooper

23rd April 2020