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Episode 58: The plutocracy of the twenty-first century – what is rentier capitalism?

with Guy Standing

We are at a pivot moment in history. The choices we make today could determine the fate of future generations. Coronavirus has been correctly recognised as a giant wake up call to the realities of a failing system. Without question huge opportunities exist to catalyse positive change. But what comes next might well be worse: a much more authoritarian system, with huge inequalities protected by the state and legitimised by political nationalism. In this podcast hosts Zoe Williams and Luke Cooper talk to writer, academic and campaigner for universal basic income, Guy Standing, about his analysis of ‘rentier capitalism’ and the threat it represents to ‘the commons’. He tells the story of the ‘free market’ myth. At every stage in the development of the system often referred to as ‘neoliberalism’, state intervention has been mobilised to protect the interests of the hyper wealthy minority.

It’s time for change. But how? Find out in a great discussion.

This podcast is part of an on-going collaboration between the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and Another Europe Is Possible.

For more information on the ideas discussed in today’s podcast check out Guy’s books:

The Plunder of the Commons (2020)
The Corruption of Capitalism (2016)

Extra time of this podcast is available to members of Another Europe Is Possible. In this week’s extra time, Guy explains why he is one of the few people on the left that opposes the government ‘furlough’ scheme. To find out why join Another Europe Is Possible. You will then be sent a link to the longer version of the podcast. Join here

4th June 2020