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Episode 60: Black Lives Matter – special edition

with Ndindi Kitonga, Quinsy Gario and Shaista Aziz

The killing of George Floyd unleashed a huge global uprising. Black Lives Matter has become a global movement against racism and for social and political justice. In Britain and across Europe discussion of American politics can sometimes serve as a convenient way to avoid discussing the issues faced by people of colour on this side of the Atlantic. In this podcast we set out to challenge this tendency by politely pointing out that black lives often don’t matter in Europe too. And mass movements have erupted to demand that we too have a reckoning with the huge injustices faced by ethnic minorities. To explore these linkages we talk to Ndindi Kitonga, a Black Lives Matter activist based in Los Angeles, Quinsy Gario, a performance artist and activist in the movement against Zwarte Piet from Amsterdam. And Shaista Aziz, a Labour councillor in Oxford involved in the Rhodes Must Fall campaign.

This podcast is part of an on-going collaboration between the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and Another Europe Is Possible.

15th June 2020