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Episode 79: ‘I fled the Taliban, now I fear for my people’

with Shukria Rezaei

The crisis in Afghanistan has dominated the airwaves this summer – and rightly so. In this episode, Luke Cooper talks to Shukria Rezaei, an Afghan living in London about her family’s decade-long battle to flee the Taliban and resettle in Britain. It’s a shocking story of oppression and the global border policing regime. Now she fears for those she left behind, as the Taliban seize power – with members of the Hazara community particularly fearful of a new round of sectarian bloodletting.

In part two, Luke speaks to LSE professor and regular on the show, Mary Kaldor. They discuss whether, despite all the talk from the US administration about ‘ending the forever wars’, any lessons have actually been learnt, as development aid runs dry and the US military continue to drop bombs on Afghan targets, without regard to international law and perpetuating the cycle of violence.

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Producer: Luke Cooper
Editor: Jake Pace Lawrie

6th September 2021