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Episode 83: Spain’s left are leading Europe, so why are the far right on the rise?

with Marga Ferra

Spain has one of the most successful vaccination programmes in the world. It’s also set to launch the most ambitious national investment strategy in its post Franco history. But its trailblazing left wing coalition are, despite these tremendous achievements, not as popular as we might expect. Meanwhile, the far right Vox party has established itself in public opinion in third place. In this podcast, to make sense of these difficulties and challenges, hosts Luke Cooper and Zoe Williams, talk to Marga Ferra, one of the co-presidents of Transform! Europe, the education think tank connected to the European Left Party and a member of Izquierda Unida (United Left), the party that stands in elections with Podemos as part of a common platform – and together they are a junior partner in the Spanish government. Marga offers an un-tribal and frank assessment of the current situation, but with plenty of ‘practical optimism’ for the future of the European left.

13th December 2021