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Episode 84: As the Boris Johnson regime faces its most serious crisis… how do we beat the Tories in 2022?

with Seema Syeda

As his government lurches from scandal to scandal there is a new sense of hope that the Tories can be defeated. So what role can Another Europe play in building mass opposition and resistance? In this podcast, hosts Zoe Williams and Luke Cooper talk to Seema Syeda, a new staff member in the Another Europe office, about our plans for 2022 and how you can get involved. She warns that despite the government’s travails there is no room for complacency. They still have a massive parliamentary majority and a deeply reactionary agenda. We discuss Another Europe’s campaigning work on resisting the Nationality and Borders Bill, the worrying new government ‘consultation’ that threatens to unravel the protections of the Human Rights Act, and our pan-European initiatives on resisting Islamophobia and building international solidarity and opposition to the Russian threat of war against Ukraine. 

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22nd January 2022