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Episode 85: Betwixt and between? Eastern Europeans in Britain 

with Yva Alexandrova and Alena Ivanova

In the last twenty years Britons and Eastern Europeans have become closer and more intertwined than ever before. But it’s often been a relationship of frustration, and, through the rise of anti-immigration and Eurosceptic politics, marked by xenophobia and racism. In this podcast hosts Luke Cooper and Zoe Williams talk to Yva Alexandrova and Alena Ivanova about Yva’s new book, Here to Stay: Eastern Europeans in Britain (Repeater Books, 2021). They discuss the problems the left in the UK has had in engaging the issue of European migration and giving voice to these experiences, and reflect on the myriad of ways in which the peoples of these islands are now connected to Eastern Europeans.  
Here to Stay is out now.

12th February 2022