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Episode 97: How the rich win – A story of misogyny, money and power

with Gary Stevenson

He’s the city trader that went rogue. But he didn’t lose the bank money. Quite on the contrary, he made them hundreds of millions from the fallout of the financial crisis. Then he dared to speak out against a system that was broken for the many but working for the few. In The Trading Game former city trader and friend of the Another Europe podcast Gary Stevenson has now put his remarkable story down on paper. It’s an incredible story and a brilliant read. In this podcast, Gary talks to Another Europe’s Zoe Williams and Luke Cooper about the sociology of the City of London and how extreme wealth can so easily drive you mad. He also – in ‘extra time’ – offers his thoughts on the ecosystems of the political left.

You can buy a copy of the Trading Game here.

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16th April 2024