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Event: What changes after the EU elections?

With a European election preceding the UK one, what can we expect from the results?

The EU election results are going to have a significant impact on the lives of millions. They are also billed as a critical point in the right’s rise to power across the continent.

The climate emergency, growing Islamophobia, the crisis of basic humanity and solidarity in Palestine – Europe faces many problems. Are these elections going to start providing solutions, or plunge us deeper into instability and division?

On Monday, 17 June from 7 PM we will gather online to discuss the aftermath of the EU polls.

We will hear from:

– Andrea Pisauro, from Uni of Plymouth and a co-founder of Europe for Scotland 
– Ana Oppenheim, member of the Another Europe is Possible NC and an activist with Razem London 
– James Jackson, a journalist based in Germany

Our speakers will reflect on the results in Italy, Poland, and Germany, and together we will tease out what it all means for Europe, progressive politics and a future relationship with a new UK government.

4th June 2024