General Election 2019: the fight of our lives

This is the most important general election in our lifetimes.

This general election is the fight of our lives.

We now have a huge opportunity to beat the Tories: to stop Brexit, defend migrants, transform the economy and save the planet.

The alternative is a country with even harsher border controls and an even more deregulated economy. If Boris Johnson will sell off our rights and our NHS in trade deals with Donald Trump.

We need to mobilise like never before – and we all have a part to play.

Another Europe is Possible represents the anti-Brexit left across party lines, so we don’t back a particular party, but we will be running an energetic campaign against Brexit and against the Tories. We’ll also be running a massive voter registration drive.

To play your part: 

  1. Order our materials for free here
  2. Get involved in our week of action on voter registration: November 18-24
  3. Donate to our crowdfunder here and share it online


Our materials:




5th November 2019