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How do rising living costs affect your life?

Thursday 16 February 2023, 6pm

Launching our new online assembly series, Power to the People, in partnership with European University Institute, European Alternatives, Europe Calling, Mehr Demokratie and others.

The series of assemblies aims to put people across the European continent in touch with other to foster cross-border dialogue about the challenges that face us.

The first assembly will focus on the cost of living crisis and takes place at 6pm, Thursday 16 February 2023 via Zoom. Click on the link below to register now.

We’ll hear from citizens from different countries across Europe who will share their experiences of how the cost of living crisis has affected them, using spoken and visual tools. Then we’ll split into smaller breakout groups so everyone has a trusted space in which they can speak and get to know each other.

As rising living costs are affecting people in all the different countries around Europe, we invite you to share your personal experiences:

What does inflation mean for your life? 

How are you adapting to it?

How does it influence your perspective of the future?

Everyone of us is affected by political choices on the European level. We want to complement expert discussions by discussions between the people on the ground.

This event is a chance to express yourself and to listen and learn about different perspectives on shared problems. Because reflecting on common fears, hopes and challenges is the first step towards building a community of citizens that can make their voices heard and take action.

20th January 2023