Humza Yousaf replies to Another Europe: ‘You have my absolute guarantee I will continue the progressive agenda’

SNP leadership candidate says Scotland must continue to trail blaze for human rights.

Another Europe Is Possible recently addressed this public letter to SNP leadership candidates asking them to (1) commit to maintaining Scotland’s progressive journey; and (2) work together with pro-EU activists and groups on UK-wide campaigning efforts to re-join the EU.

We are very pleased to have received this reply from Humza Yousaf.


Good Afternoon,

Thank you for taking the time to contact me as a candidate in the SNP leadership contest.

I really resonate with the points you have raised. In response to Question 1, Yes. The easiest yes I can give. You have my absolute guarantee that as First Minister of Scotland and SNP Party Leader that I will continue our progressive agenda, as I truly believe in protecting, advancing and championing the rights of everyone. On the specific point you raise, I will absolutely stand up to Westminster against their Section 35 order stopping the GRR Bill coming into law.

In regards to your second question, let there be no doubt about it that I want Scotland to rejoin the EU and restore the Single Market. I truly believe the only plausible route for this happening is through Scottish Independence as the UK Government have shown no intention to reverse their disastrous decision on Brexit, despite the overwhelming support in Scotland to remain.

If elected as SNP Party Leader, I would be delighted to continue conversations with your organisation on how we can work together to get Scotland back in the EU.

Thank you again for being in contact with me.


Humza for Scotland


We also note that Humza Yousaf has made several passionate statements in support of intersectionality, human rights and Scotland’s pathbreaking Gender Recognition Act in the course of the campaign.

For example:

24th March 2023