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I am writing to you to ask you to oppose Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal if and when it is put to a vote in the House of Commons.

We do not know the exact details of Johnson’s deal, but we know what his Brexit agenda is about. He and his allies have always been clear that they view leaving the EU as an opportunity to massively deregulate our economy and advance a nasty anti-migrant politics. Trade deals with the US and other lower regulation economies have the potential to deeply entrench the privatisation of public services, including the NHS.

Even worse than seeking a mandate for a specific outcome, the government could ask MPs to give it a blank cheque on its negotiations. Either in that form or in the form of a definitive deal, the vote passed by the House of Commons will open the door to a massive loss of rights and protections for ordinary working people, the environment, human rights and migrants.

Labour must not make itself complicit in the government’s Brexit agenda, or be seen to endorse this deal or the direction it points in. Doing so would go against everything that Labour should stand for. This Brexit will lead to job losses, economic shocks and more, and ought to make the government deeply unpopular. In four years’ time, Labour must be able to say that it did the right thing, and owns no part of this disaster.

I know that you may be worried that voting against this deal could lead to a ‘No Deal’ scenario, but there is no real prospect of this. There is no major backbench rebellion being prepared on the deal, and no government ministers are even contemplating resigning over it. If Labour thought that the numbers might get close, it could abstain.

I urge you to oppose this deal.

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Write to Keir Starmer, and your MP (if they are Labour):

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