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Ukraine and the world

A collaborative series of articles and podcasts with Foreign Policy in Focus (Institute for Policy Studies) and European Alternatives.

Russia’s serial invasions of Ukraine—first Crimea, then the Donbas, and finally the entire country in 2022—have transformed geopolitics. What might seem like a regional conflict between two neighbouring powers is, in fact, a world war that impacts the foreign policy, economics, and politics of so much of the planet. As such. the war in Ukraine is a major inflection point in history, like the wars in Vietnam, Iraq, and Yugoslavia.

This series, Ukraine and the World, will explore all the various meanings of this historical turning point. It will delve into the challenges that the war has sharpened inside both Ukraine and Russia. It will look at the ongoing transformation of the post-Soviet space and realignment of politics in Europe. We will publish pieces on the reshaping of transatlantic relations and the tensions within the U.S. policymaking establishment over Ukraine. The series will examine how the war is affecting the relationship between Russia and China and the latter’s economic links to Europe. Articles will cover the response to the war by the Global South and multilateral institutions.

The war is not only having an effect on different regions of the world. It is having a profound impact on clusters of issues. The series will look at the war’s influence on climate change, energy politics, economic development, international law, and the use of force.

As a historical turning point, the war in Ukraine is also disrupting political alignments. Ukraine and the World will investigate the arguments taking place on the left, on the right, and in the center. It will scrutinize the changes taking place in neoliberalism, in just war theory, and in the evolution of authoritarian nationalism.  

We speak of the Cold War and the post-Cold War era. Future historians will no doubt speak of the Ukraine War and the post-Ukraine War era. Our series Ukraine and the World will be a first draft of that future history.

We will keep a rolling list of outputs published as part of the series here:

24th July 2023