March with us: demand a public vote on Brexit

Join at 11am at Stanhope Gate – Facebook event here.

To sign up to help steward, click here.

On October 19th, we will witness one of the biggest demonstrations in British history, less than two weeks away from Exit Day.

As left wingers, trade unionists, environmentalists and progressives, have a duty to mobilise – against Boris Johnson and for:

📢 Decent jobs and homes for all
📢 A Europe-wide Green New Deal
📢 Workers’ rights and a living wage across Europe. Scrap all anti-union laws
📢 Free movement for all – no to Fortress Europe
📢 An economy that serves the many not the few, with democratic ownership and control
📢 A Europe that challenges the power of big corporations, with tough regulation and taxes
📢 A well-funded, entirely publicly owned and run NHS