Let Us Vote

Together with the3million and British in Europe, we have launched a campaign to allow all UK residents, and all UK citizens living abroad, to vote in general elections and referendums.

16th April 2019

In General Elections and in referendums, UK residents from countries outside of the Commonwealth and Ireland cannot vote. Neither can UK citizens living abroad for more than 15 years. All together, up to 10 million people are denied a vote by the current rules: 7 million UK residents and 3 million UK citizens abroad. In 2016, the people who were most affected by the result of the referendum. That should be a source of national shame.

That’s why, together with the3million and British in Europe, we have launched Let Us Vote – a campaign to give the vote to all UK residents, and all UK citizens living abroad, not just in a Brexit referendum but in all future referendums and elections.

We can win – but only if we act. That’s why, we’re asking you to:

You can order campaign leaflets by emailing us at info@anothereurope.org.
Find out more and get involved: letusvote.org.uk

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