Our National Committee

Our leadership, elected by members.

Our national committee is the leading committee of Another Europe Is Possible, responsible for implementing our strategy, running campaigns and making key political decisions between members’ conferences.

It consists of: 16 members elected online by Single Transferable Vote at national conference (with 8 seats reserved for self-defining women) and representatives of affiliated organisations and members of Another Europe co-opted in a non-voting capacity by the committee.

Any member can run and vote in our elections. To take part, join us here.
To find out more, read our constitution here.

Current members of the national committee:

Dave Levy
John Palmer
Jim Newell
Zoe Gardner
Luke Cooper
Andrea Pisauro
Julie Ward
Cat Villiers
Laura Parker
Ana Oppenheim
Mary Kaldor
Joseph O’Toole
Graham Campbell/Olaf Stando (job share)
Shaista Aziz (co-opted)
Erwin Schaefer (co-opted)

Cathleen Clarke – representing Open Labour

James O’Nions – representing Global Justice Now

Niccolò Milanese – representing European Alternatives

Kate Hudson – representing Left Unity

Raphael Hill – representing Young Greens

5th February 2019