National Rejoin March – here’s what we had to say

Here's what Seema Syeda had to say on behalf of Another Europe is Possible at the national Rejoin demo

Our co-lead Seema Syeda at the National Rejoin March, 23 Sept 2023

Hello National Rejoin Rally!!!!
Make some noiseeeeee!!!

We all know why we’re here today
We’re here because we support migrants rights!
We’re here because we stand with workers all over the world!
We’re here because we hate borders!
We’re here because we want to join up with movements across the world for a better future for humanity, for nature and for the planet!

I’m here from Another Europe Is Possible, a broad movement of progressives and others who are fighting the causes of Brexit

It’s clear that austerity and decades of Tory rule have destroyed our economy, destroyed working conditions, destroyed our quality of life, and destroyed our public service. And one of the things politicians love to do is to blame migrants and racialised people for this destruction. You here it every day all over the news and the tabloid media, and before the Brexit referendum this hatred was turbo-charged to new levels that continue now.

Another Europe wants to tackle the causes of Brexit. Fighting Brexit also means fighting austerity. It means fighting privatisation and the destruction of our public services. It means fighting in our trade unions for workers rights and especially migrants workers rights. Supporting the strikes for higher salaries, for secure contracts, for more public and democratic ownership of our economy, for a green new deal, for solidarity with workers all over the world.

We have to fight for this in the EU too! We’ve all seen thousands of refugees murdered at the borders of Europe. Shame goes to the EU politicians who allow these atrocities.

We as people, as citizens of the world, need to stand up and build a welcoming Europe. We need to learn about and dismantle the colonialism in the UK and in Europe that structures this oppression.

And we need to build a new world: a world for people and planet not profit and injustice; a world with 100% renewable energy; a world without borders where the people of the global south have equally good living standards as the people of the global north.

And we should fight for these things whilst being in the EU. Rejoining is one step; world transformation is the goal.

I know you’re all here with me, before I go let’s do one last chant: repeat after me:

No borders
No nations
No racist deportations!

I’m Seema Syeda from Another Europe Is Possible, thank you!

29th September 2023