‘No secure Europe, without a secure world’, responding to war and conflict in the 21st century

Join international activists from Syria to Ukraine to discuss ideas on collective security in Europe and the Middle East and Mediterranean regions.

Date: Thursday 18 August 2022  

Time: 4.30pm-6.30pm German Time

Location: European Summer University, Monchengladbach

War is changing the security, human rights, social and ecological contexts across Europe and and the wider Mediterranean and Middle Eastern regions, parts of which, like Syria, have been in a state of war for over a decade. We bring together an international panel of experts and activists to discuss how we build solidarity across borders and support progressive solutions to present-day conflicts. In the context of Russia’s war on Ukraine, how do we build a model of collective security across Europe and surrounding Mediterranean regions?  How do we support progressive and civil society movements opposing war and authoritarianism? How do we protect human life, support de-militarisation and build links with the peoples of Russia, Syria, Afghanistan and surrounding areas?

18th August 2022