To: House of Commons

Petition: Vote against Theresa May's Brexit deal

The government's Brexit deal will soon go to a vote in parliament. This is the last opportunity for our elected representatives to stand up for us in the Brexit process.

Theresa May’s deal is not what anyone voted for in 2016. It will damage the rights and prosperity of millions of ordinary people. It is a threat to jobs, the NHS, the environment, human rights, free movement and basic things like food standards. And it will still mean that we have to abide by EU rules, without any say in how they are made.

Defeating the government’s deal will not result in a ‘no deal’ Brexit. If MPs block the deal, there can be an alternative – whether that’s a general election, or a public vote, or fresh negotiations.

We need MPs to stand up for their constituents and stand against the disaster of the government’s Brexit deal.

We, the undersigned, call on all MPs to vote against the government’s Brexit deal when it is put to the House of Commons.

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