Run for Another Europe National Committee 2023

We need you to help run our campaigns next year!

Nominations are now open for Another Europe’s national committee elections for the year of 2023.

There are 16 places up for election on our National Committee, 8 of which are reserved for self-defining women. Half of the positions will be elected in-person at our National Conference on 3 December 2022, and the other half will be elected online, details of the online election will be circulated after the conference. 

The deadline to nominate yourself using this form is 9am on Friday 2 December 2022. You can also nominate yourself in person at our members conference on Saturday 3 December by handing in a paper candidacy by 13.30pm on the day.

All members of Another Europe are entitled to run and need only to fill in this form to do so. If you are not a member of Another Europe and want to vote or stand in the election, you will need to join here.

What is the national committee?
The national committee is the elected leadership body of Another Europe. Members of the NC help run our organisation alongside staff, taking the lead on organising campaigns. As a member-led organisation with limited resources, we rely on our members to deliver our campaigns and help out with the tasks – big or small – that this entails. The NC is also responsible for the organisation’s positions and campaigns, instructs our staff team and makes all the big decisions. It is comprised of sixteen elected members, plus one rep for each affiliated organisation.

The NC meets at least once a month via Zoom and runs a number of working groups on each of our campaigns where elected members pitch in to help run the organisation.

Who should run?
If you can spare some time to pitch in and help, we want you! Anyone member of Another Europe can run. We welcome both experienced organisers and new members who can bring a fresh perspective.

22nd November 2022