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Stop Putin’s Imperial War

Statement from Another Europe and European Alternatives in solidarity with Ukraine.

The Another Europe National Committee has voted to endorse European Alternatives’ statement on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Statement on Ukraine

  • Putin’s imperial war: this war of aggression has been launched by the despot of Russia, Vladimir Putin, and his cronies. Criticisms we have of other governments, of other societies and of international military alliances do not counterbalance or excuse this responsibility or provide any justification.
  • We support the European and democratic orientation of the people in Ukraine, and support their struggle for freedom and dignity.
  • We support rapid EU accession of Ukraine, and of other accession countries in South East Europe.
  • We support anti-war and pro-democracy protestors and activists in Russia and Belarus, and all political prisoners.
  • We see the war as part of transnational conflicts between authoritarianism and democracy, between exploitation and extraction and dignity and care, between toxic masculinity and transfeminist peace.
  • All refugees are equal: we are pleased that many European countries are welcoming people coming from Ukraine. We believe all people fleeing war should be welcomed in this way.
  • The protection of basic human rights must remain a constant priority in the war: civilians and the most vulnerable communities are particularly affected by the war and its consequences and they should be receiving dedicated support.

10th March 2022