Time is running out. As Brexit gets closer, it becomes more and more clear that Theresa May’s deal can only be a disaster for working class people – and the threat of a cliff-edge no-deal Brexit is becoming more real every day.

Bad deal or no deal: either option would put thousands of jobs at risk, hurt living standards, endanger our NHS and other public services, allow the government to clamp down on our rights and freedoms, and empower the far right – all in the name of scapegoating immigrants for problems caused by decades of austerity and right wing government policies. We must act now.

We can win. Opinion polls are clearly showing that the country is shifting towards staying in the EU, and the movement for a People’s Vote on Brexit is growing fast. But Brexit will not be stopped by the old and discredited establishment. The alternative we need is not a defence of the status quo but a radical vision to transform society. Only the left can offer that vision: good quality jobs, massive investment in public services, expansion of workers’ rights and an economy that serves people, not profit. We need solidarity – between people and across borders.

Join us resisting Tory Brexit – and fighting to build a Europe for the many.


The Left Against Brexit speaker tour has been packing rooms and attracting hundreds of people across the country. Find a date near you.

Labour Party conference is preparing to submit the motion passed by over 150 CLPs, most of them using the Another Europe is Possible and Labour for a People's Vote text. More info.

We are on the ground every day – running stalls, having difficult conversations and fighting to change people’s minds. You can sign up as a local organiser here, and you can get free materials by emailing info@anothereurope.org

A petition set up by Momentum activist Alena Ivanova has exceeded the 4,000 signatures required to trigger a members’ consultation on Momentum’s Brexit policy. If you’re a member, add your name.

In July, we played a key role in organising the 250,000-strong demonstration against Donald Trump, marching under the banner: Stop Trump, Stop Brexit – free movement for all.

This autumn, we will be touring campuses with a series of events called Trump, Brexit and Fighting the New Far Right. Find out how you can get involved.

We are bringing together the British and European left to build the international movement we need to beat the far right and the political establishment. Join us at Europe for the Many, a major international conference at the LSE.

Our reports and research are shedding light on the effects of Brexit and making the case for free movement. We need to build unions, not borders – and we’re winning the argument. Find out more here.

To find out more and get involved, get in touch at info@anothereurope.org.


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