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Support Ukraine: Drop the debt

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MPs and politicians across the political spectrum have condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. But most of them have said nothing about the country’s national debt. This is controlled mainly by Western powers via the International Monetary Fund and it is crippling Ukraine’s economy. We must act.

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Demanding the cancellation of Ukraine’s debt is an urgent act of solidarity that is desperately needed by Ukrainians living in and resisting Russia’s war. 

Dr Yuliya Yurchenko from the Ukraine Solidarity Campaign, currently based in Ukraine, says:  

“This is urgent. My country, one of the poorest in Europe, is under attack from Putin’s murderous regime. We need the support of the international community urgently. I am asking you to write to your MP right now to demand the cancellation of Ukraine’s national debt.

“These debts are crippling and we need urgent economic support. Please take a moment to raise this vital issue with your MP.”

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10th April 2022